Monday, July 13, 2020


Our twin goals – Learning for employees + results for clients

Out-of-the-box solutions are possible only with unconventional thinking. Our unconventional approach to learning is built around your career. We place each employee on a continuous path of learning. Which means, as part of team emids, you glean the latest and the best from healthcare IT.



At emids, you solve healthcare challenges that matter. Your first step: understand the challenge, understand the domain.

We empower you to be a business technologist – comfortable with the client’s healthcare business landscape as much as with IT. This fluency in healthcare is developed through a robust learning program.

  • Basic and advanced healthcare courses help understand the domain fundamentals.
  • A healthcare lab simulates the US healthcare ecosystem and offers hands-on learning.
  • The Client University provides an orientation to the customer’s IT landscape.
  • Domain boot-camps with intense, hands-on classroom and practical sessions drive depth in relevant areas of work.


We help some of the leading names in the US healthcare industry challenge what’s possible. Changing business models and regulatory requirements make it imperative that we deliver only the latest and the best technology solutions, adopting the latest methodologies and technical tools.

  • Training Programs give professionals new to the healthcare IT industry a head start.
  • Technology boot-camps provide intense, hands-on and project oriented learning programs on .NET, Java, BI/Data Management and other tools.
  • Technology and industry certification courses for MSFT MVP, HL7 and Java ensure skill upgrade.
  • Practice Lead Solution and Accelerator Development programs bring opportunities to build forward-looking technology components, which are later deployed as part of our customer solutions.


First-time manager. Fresh graduate. Or IT industry veteran. No matter the age or experience, if you are new to the healthcare domain, working on complex projects and responding to the fast-paced industry changes can be daunting.

Our multi-layered leadership development program nurtures your competence. It creates situational awareness, empowers you to make strategic, meaningful decisions, and equips you to respond to challenges.

  • Soft skills training builds communication capabilities.
  • LEAD, a program for first-time managers, teaches the basics of situational leadership.
  • SUMMIT, a program for experienced managers, imparts a more strategic outlook to help nurture teams and enhance your span of impact.
  • Executive Mentoring programs afford a great way to learn from the senior most leaders within the organization.


Self-development, exceptional exposure and open work culture – Working in emids for the last four years, time flew faster than speed of light. It has provided an enriching and exhilarating environment where I got a chance to enhance my abilities in cutting edge latest technologies.The camaraderie between the employees and management makes it a great place to work alongside keeping your hobbies like sports and music alive!!!” –  Siddharth Akkinepalli
I’ve been with emids since past 15 months. I was new to Bangalore then, and in the process of strengthening my career in Recruitment. The experience has been excellent enabling me to learn and grow, personally and professionally. I became a Senior Associate within the first year and have enjoyed delivering on additional responsibilities. Along the way, I have made wonderful friends that make working here a productive and satisfying experience.
The support from peers, managers and senior management is remarkable. Hard work, perseverance and willingness to learn are critical to achieving your goals and success at emids.” – Dia Gangwani
When you start a week knowing that my idea or my thought or my approach or my committed effort is for a ‘healthy’ cause, you are entitled to consider yourself worthy of doctoral set-up!!  Confused?
Don’t be .. because that’s what I take pride in at emids. My work at emids is for a reason… and the reason is about healthcare and that reason is worth its weight. The fascinating account of my work is that, I can ‘see’ the impact of my work from close quarters and be proud of the fact that my skill & competency has helped to make a positive difference. Quite a claim that is .. right !!” – Abhijit Badrinath