We are pushing the boundaries of healthcare IT

Technology. Innovation. And you.

We are passionate about healthcare IT. We are excited about finding new solutions to the complex challenges healthcare organizations face, just as you are about discovering new possibilities with your career. Find those possibilities with us.

We offer you unlimited opportunities to learn, work with cutting-edge technologies, and innovate. Push the boundaries of what’s possible. Discover a whole new dimension to your career.


LeAP ahead at emids


We digitally transform healthcare organizations, and our people are the change agents who make this happen. We grow when our people grow, and we know that out-of-the-box solutions are possible only with unconventional thinking. Our distinct approach to challenging what’s possible is built around your career. We place each employee on a continuous path of learning. Which means, as part of team emids, you glean the latest and the best from healthcare IT.


An idea is powerful only when it’s applied. As our clients look for new, potent ways to improve healthcare outcomes, we rely on execution excellence to apply ideas and move the needle. What drives our execution excellence? A culture of accountability, collaboration and clear communication. Along with the right tools, technology, and metrics-driven approach to deliver results.


Every organization has its unique culture. We’ve carefully nurtured ours to create an environment where you can take pride in what you do. We believe winning matters, but winning the right way matters more. And that success lies in anticipating change and transforming oneself to adapt to the new. So, we constantly look for newer and better ways of doing things. We enjoy sharing our stories and recognizing our achievements. These little things bind our people who come from diverse backgrounds into teams of high-performers.


We are looking to grow and scale new heights, and we need more people like you to help us get there. RAY, our employee-driven referral program makes it easy and rewarding for you to connect us to friends who might enjoy working at emids.

Simple yet smart.

RAY makes it convenient to refer, offering a unified platform for all referral activities. Log in to the portal, submit resumes, and even get queries answered, in one single place.


Track the status of your referrals through the dashboard. No need to follow-up after submitting resumes or wait for responses to your emails.


Our referral program offers attractive incentives and rewards. Participate and win. Even share open positions on social media to find friends who want to apply.

You know us best.

You know what works.

You fit in.

You lead the RAY forward.

RAY is exclusively for emids employees.

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