Name: Susmita Pattanaik
Designation: Senior Software Engineer

I have always been interested in arts and crafts. But due to paucity of time, I never got a chance to explore it. In the initial 4-5 months of the pandemic, I was living alone, and during that time I had a wonderful opportunity to do something that I had always wanted to do. I started with pencil sketches, and gradually pencil become my dearest companion. This is not just my hobby, but it also gives me inner peace. We can depict our emotions on paper through this graphite stick. I am not a professional artist, but I always try to bring perfection; I am still on the learning path.  This sketch is a tribute to the legendary singer, the “Nightingale of India” Lata Mangeshkar Ji.


Name: Manyala Monika
Designation: Software Engineer

During the lockdown, we all had no choice of going outside to have fun. When there is nothing to do outside, our creativity inside works. Then I started exploring myself and I found myself as an artist. With my creativity, I have drawn mandala art and done the craftwork.


Name: Mamillapally Venkata Naga Pranathi
Designation: Senior Software Engineer 

Not being able to go out during the lockdown has given me an opportunity to explore the world of Zentangle Art which requires a lot of time, patience, and precision to ensure that the final output is perfect. Zentangling is often misinterpreted as Doodling or Mandala Art but only the person who draws knows the difference and effort that goes into creating the masterpiece. I am not an expert in this field, but I would love to practice more as this new hobby of mine has increased my patience levels tremendously.


Name: Gaurav Singh Jantwal
Designation: Associate Architect

I am always interested in learning new things. It is like the seasons. In the lapsed season, I explored electronics (stepper-motor sanding rotor, raspberry-pi CNC writing machine, and hacked Airtel router to enable bridge mode), and now it is wood carving season. With some ideas found online, I started crafting tiny wooden houses out of scrapped bin lumber and other materials.

I like to detail the artifacts and try to bring them to life, like doors and windows for these tiny houses. The next season will feature tiny houses/temples based on traditional Himadri architecture from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, with illuminated rooms and solar charging.


Name: Vidyullatha Veeramachaneni 
Designation: Associate Lead – QA

Hobby Ideas give us relaxation from work stress as well as more confidence. During this work-from-home period, I started with stitching salwars with old sarees, painting on bottles, making hair clips, cooking new recipes, etc. With what I have learned so far, I have started sharing them on my YouTube channel, Easy Life – WLI.

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