Name: Swathi Kaluvakolanu
Designation: Senior QA Engineer

My reason to choose Mandala art is that I love painting, and when I had gone through the Mandala paintings, I got interested seeing its small and detailed finishing. Once I started doing Mandala art, I observed that my focus and patience levels had increased. So I decided to continue this hobby for life and post my Mandala paintings on my Instagram @sketch_book163.

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and refers to “sacred circle.” Mandalas are circular symbols that are part of a lot of different cultures. Some cultures even believe that mandalas are linked to our life energy. They help with balance and bring peace and tranquility. They also help you to concentrate and be mindful, helping you push aside thoughts and letting your creativity flow.


Name: Bandi Naveen Kumar
Designation: Senior Software Engineer

Hobbies, in general, provide a great deal of relief. Everyone had some time of their own during the lockdown, while some people didn’t have time with their loved ones. As a result of my self-study, I’ve progressed to the intermediate level of pencil art. Yes, you may develop patience by practicing this art with this kind of attention. 


Name: Vasuki Yoganarasimha
Designation: Director – Delivery

Working from home gave me more time to pursue hobbies, which is one of the best possible ways to get rejuvenated. I enjoy growing plants at my home. Gardening is spending time with plants, taking care of them, and seeing them grow. It requires a lot of patience and finally preparing dishes with homegrown veggies is an enjoyable moment. The office travel time is now being spent in my home garden growing veggies and flowers. It is a total balance between work, life, and one of my interests, gardening.



Name: Vaishnavi Kulkarni
Designation: Junior Associate – Digital Operations

Over the pandemic, I tried several things to avoid letting my morale go down. However, the thing that sustained me is my love for crafts, which also organically evolved into a small business on the side. My sister introduced me to this by making a box that contained goodies. I took my fascination forward and with the help of the internet, opened this pandora’s box. Arts and crafts serve as anchors that center my mind and steer it away from the unending chaos. My work is usually a part of a gift given by me to my friends or ordered by customers. Hence, my work contains a personal affection that puts a smile on the face of the receiver.


Name: Anchal Mandlik
Designation: Senior Test Engineer

After finishing office and other household work, I find extra time for my hobbies like painting, drawing, and gardening. It helps me relax my mind and prepares me for another day of hard work. These are some of the paintings I did during my leisure time.

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