Manager: Why invest so much in training people? What if they get trained and then leave us?

HR head: What if we don’t train them and they decide to stay? Would their performance be impactful?

This is an HR head’s classic challenge: ensuring training and talent development. Over the years, enterprises have been highly conscious of the need to train their people, and develop talent that contributes to business success. Statistics shared by the Training Magazine reveal that US training spend was $70.6 billion in 2015, indicating a spike of 14.2%.

While business leaders and employees acknowledge the need for training and knowledge dissemination, a key challenge they face is availability of training content relevant to specific industries. It’s no different with Healthcare IT. For professionals, it’s a complex domain with plenty to learn, but hardly any structured means available to do so.

Aspire, achieve, succeed

Early in our days as a healthcare IT enterprise, we realized the need to train our people to be business technologists – professionals who understand the client’s business landscape as much as they understand technology. Over the years, we developed a world-class training system to take people on this learning journey. The content not only helped our teams get up-to-speed, but more than that, it earned our clients’ approval. They appreciated its quality, as well as relevance to their business.

Eventually, as we saw its necessity, we extended this learning program to all IT professionals looking to serve the US Healthcare industry. The result: Aspire, our healthcare IT certification program.

Helping you connect the dots

Aspire gives you a 360-degree view of the US healthcare landscape, including the payers and providers. It introduces you to their business processes and the supporting IT systems, thus helping you understand vital links between business functions and technology.

It is a practical step-by-step learning program developed by professionals, for professionals.  Think of it as a primer to the US healthcare IT industry. The content is used to on-board resources at emids, which means it has been used and validated in real-world scenarios.

Designed to maximize learning

The entire course is organized as chapters catering to different parts of the healthcare ecosystem. The chapters are thematically linked and introduced in an easily absorbable sequence. Designed for self-consumption, the course has quizzes at the end of chapters to test your understanding of concepts.

Our clients have already used Aspire to on-board resources, and as refresher content for experienced staff members. What do they think about it? Read their reviews here.

Sharing the competitive advantage 

Why are we sharing a learning program we created for our people to succeed? Wouldn’t that dilute our competitive advantage?

Well, we’d like to widen the playing field, and set higher standards for the industry. Improving access to industry-relevant training content is the first step towards this.

For those keen on embracing a career in healthcare IT, there’s never been a more exciting time than now. There are limitless opportunities to develop life-impacting solutions. The only pre-requisite to win in this playing field: a thorough knowledge of not just IT, but also the healthcare landscape. Technology expertise needs to meet domain knowledge – only then can the next revolutionary products and services be designed.

A richer talent pool benefits all of us in the healthcare IT domain. Aspire is a means to help you enter this talent pool, and become business technologists. By sharing this competitive advantage, we can only improve the quality of competition.

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