Healthcare consumers today seek easy access to services, more value for money, and personalized experience. To meet this, we need to apply technology/ data and create a steady stream of new tools and solutions. emids Technologies has been a leader in providing a range of niche IT solutions, to make such impact real.

Our goal is to enable the producers (pharmaceutical manufacturers), providers (hospitals and physicians) and the payers (insurance companies), to deliver superior, affordable patient care. Not only do we create innovative IT solutions, but also share our learning journey proactively.

Recognizing this, in October 2016, The Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (GIACC), in collaboration with the Indian Consulate in Atlanta, hosted a CEO Speaker Series about trends in the healthcare sector. Our CEO, Mr. Saurabh Sinha, co-led the GIACC panel, and shared his expertise.

Having worked with multiple industry stakeholders extensively, we understand their role in shaping the future of healthcare. Thus, our focus at this event was on highlighting the opportunities available for alleviating the pain points of patients – through digital transformation, smart industry collaborations, and humanizing the sector more. We were honored to co-host the panel alongside noted leaders of the healthcare industry, and allies from software companies, practitioners, and research and development firms.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve rapidly across India and the United States, platforms like the GIACC Speaker Series are pertinent for us. They help share our capabilities and invite collaboration. To know more about this event, click here. This was also featured in Global Atlanta publication, click here to view.

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