We know that accountability is about being responsible for our actions and behaviors. In the workplace, though, accountability takes on added layers, as employees are responsible for executing their tasks to help the organization achieve its goals. Earlier research has shown that it is an important factor for engagement and organizational success. Highly accountable employees are honest and trustworthy problem-solvers, geared to attaining measurable results.

Let us look at some characteristics of highly accountable individuals that help drive business success.

  1. Establish and focus on SMART goals.

Accountable individuals understand the importance of having SMART goals. This allows them to set accurate and realistic expectations, plan their daily schedules, execute smaller tasks, and follow a roadmap to achieve larger business outcomes. They are strategic planners who collaborate well, thus showcasing their own value while aligning with the organization’s journey.

  1. Identify the right metrics to measure success.

Workplace accountability is a combination of personal accomplishments and team achievements. Such individuals view their tasks objectively and are able to choose the right metrics that demonstrate a realistic picture of their progress. Moreover, using metrics establishes an atmosphere of healthy competition where employees are motivated to meet and exceed their targets right from the get-go. That way, they validate their performance and are able to track the correct path to reach the desired outcomes.

  1. Make course corrections when required.

Another favorable characteristic of accountable people is their ability to ignore egotistical tendencies. Failure is not a disappointment but as an opportunity to set things right. This promotes a culture of trust and openness where employees are able to identify and resolve their errors, leading to positive results. The objective here is to achieve business goals rather than pass blame.

  1. Dedication to quality output

For accountable individuals, work isn’t about simply completing a task and then leaving the rest to the management. They care about the quality and effectiveness of their work. They strive to perform to the best of their ability and want to see results that prove it. This helps maintain and improve the quality standards of the organization.

5.  A positive outlook towards work

Accountable individuals often promote a healthy outlook to the places they work in. They bring an analytical mindset to the workspace while focusing on the big picture, share successes and build processes that work for everyone. Their positive attitude towards their peers and the workplace boosts their own performance.

Accountable individuals are valuable assets for any organization. As leaders, they foster high-performing teams. As peers, they promote collaboration and co-innovation. As individuals, they take pride in their work, adhere to norms and propel the organization towards business success.

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