Piggybacking on the sweet-spot between imagination and our experience, ideas go a long way in helping us create meaning, and innovate. Among all the specific centers in our brains, there are three that are known for being used in ideation and creative thinking – the one that helps us concentrate, one that helps us switch between tasks, and the third part is related to abstract thinking.

In his book ‘A Technique for Producing Ideas’, James Webb Young shares that “it actually requires the hardest kind of intellectual work, to come up with ideas.” He describes two principles of the production of ideas:

  1. It’s nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements.
  2. The capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships.

With this information in mind, we’ve compiled five simple techniques that can help you ideate better. Look up the infographic, and tell us how they work for you!

How to generate good ideas

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