We feel intense pain for different reasons – physical injuries, sedentary lives or illnesses. A recent market research report by American Academy of Pain Medicine, indicates that more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, and that it affects more American than diabetes does. No matter what the kind of pain, medicines are a big way to experience relief. However, are you wary of consuming pain medication because of side-effects?

If yes, then we’re here to tell you that the world of wearable technology has come to your rescue! Whether you are nervous about the impact pills have on your health, or dread the management of pain without them, Cur has found the solution to it all. They’ve come up with a crafty patch, which helps relieve pain with the push of a button, or through a smartphone app!

The Cur (pronounced as cure) pain relief wearable is like a band-aid. It can be bought over-the-counter, and can be applied to any location where you are experiencing pain, where it’ll be held in place by adhesive pads. You’ll get instant relief.  Cur is built on HIFT (High Frequency Impulse Therapy) technology, which basically means that the sensor attached to the wearable sends mild (and painless) electrical pulses to block the signals that nerves send to the brain. This in turn prevents the brain from registering the pain, resulting in pain relief. The entire experience feels like a gentle tingling or a sensation of light vibration. Though this particular technology has been around for decades, its impact has relatively been mild. But the makers of Cur claim that the intensity and frequency of pulses that this wearable send to the nerves, is higher than other devices. Moreover, depending on how much pain you have, you can actually use Cur’s smartphone app to increase or decrease the strength of the pulses it sends. That just puts a whole lot of control in your hands, when it comes to managing pain.

Some salient features of this wearable that make it almost undeniable over other devices are:

  • It has a six-hour battery life between charges.
  • Treatment for one hour per day can resolve pain for hours.
  • The sensors on this device are considered intelligent, and learn about your pain by how much your muscles twitch.
  • The design is free of wires or bulky batteries. It is savvy, discreet and durable.

Born out of its inventor Shaun Rahim’s personal journey with pain management, this device is here to change the whole landscape of health-technology, by offering an affordable alternative to a long standing issue. And hey, this HIFT technology has no harmful side effects.

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