Name: Thakkelapati Vamsi- Associate Analyst
Account: RPA Practice

“In every walk in with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir

I am a thorough plant lover, and I try to do my bit to give back to mother nature, by planting as many trees as possible, and gardening. During this lockdown period, I did exactly that! I resonate with the quote: “There are no happier folks then plant lovers and none more generous than those who garden” Ernest Wilson



Name: Swastika Padhi – Test Engineer
Account: Practice

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

I believe that art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate!

Few days back, I found a biriyani pot which we had ordered sometime back, in the kitchen. I got an idea of doing a DIY on the biriyani pot and transform it into a beautiful plant holder. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the process and seeing the outcome. I hope you like it!



NAME: Rahul Singi- Technical Lead, Engineering
ACCOUNT: Cotiviti

 “Welcoming new beginnings- through the lenses”

My favorite me time is always indulging into photography, whether it is during the lockdown or otherwise. During this lockdown period, I am just exploring photography at home with multiple ideas, gardening is one of them. I call this image – “New Life, New Hope”. The photograph is based on the concept of “New Beginnings”.



NAME: Amita Mary, Senior Lead Analyst – UXP
ACCOUNT: Human Resources

“Home is where the Art is”

My mum had this marvellous talent for growing and nurturing plants. Our tiny balcony garden would be bursting with flowers all year round. My relationship with plants, sadly, has not been good for them. So, I am trying to bring that same love and care into my home through art. I am still learning about botanical ink drawings; the intricacies and detailing are fascinating but also require a lot of patience. I find it meditative, the discipline needed to work with ink and pen, where each stroke must be calculated, helps me re-center myself.



NAME: Saiprasanth Pasupuleti: Analyst – RPA

“Every picture tells a story…can you tell?”

Here’s a collection of photographs with breathtaking shots of nature, city life, people and moments. Dive in for a journey of visual delights!



NAME: Priyanka Jambhale – Business Analyst
ACCOUNT: Practice

“To my dear plants, with love”

This Pandemic has transformed a ‘not so plant lover’ like me into an extreme plant lover. I could never have imagined what it feels like to nurture a living thing, unless I grew and witnessed some on my own, very closely. I discovered that there is something unique about this hobby. I have taken some plants from the mummy plants and have placed them all over my house. It gives me immense happiness and peace when I see them growing. I feel so adhered to this hobby that I am sure I will continue to do it for many years.  Since I love my plants so much, I decided to dress them up with some decorated baskets, created by yours truly!

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