Whether it is at home or office, each one of us has a designated‘work space’ that is almost sacred. Often we don’t have control over how the building is structured or what kind of interiors have been chosen. But what we have influence over, is the desk or cubicle that is ours.Research shows that be it low morale, disengagement, or distractedness, reimagining one’s workspace can change it all. It is an investment of sorts.

We bring you somesuggestions to help optimize your work space.

  • Get a green plant or two. They not only lower stress levels, but alsoadd an attractive element to your work space.Plants, flowering or foliage, have a restorative effect on our attention spans. And the color green has a soothing impact on our eyes. Largely urban landscapes don’t leave much room for viewing greenery. Thus, add to your desk a little indoor plant that symbolizes this natural abundance.
  • Piggy backing on low stress is the desire for free flow of ideas. Nothing facilitates this better than a blank space. Add a compact white board and get colored markers. This will allow you to organize/visualize your work plan, make to-do lists, mind-maps and what not. Your mind need not be crammed. You can even doodle during breaks!
  • The way your desk is organizedalso influences your productivity. Some like it cluttered, as it provides a form of permission for the mind to run free. Others like a clean and organized desk because it creates room for their thoughts. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is a choice which will echo your uniqueness. You might even want to try out both to see which works for you.
  • Talking of choice, many employees vouch for personalizing their desks with photographs,quotes, favorite curios, and even certificates of achievement. This practice has proved to make work more inviting and increase one’s feeling of belonging and ownership. It instills a sense of pride as well.
  • A final suggestion: weave colors into your space. Color therapy is a branch of psychology, which indicates that cool colors like blue or green are conducive to a creative and relaxed vibe. Similarly, warm colors like red and yellow induce a vibrant, more active feel. Greys are neutral. Based on your personality type and need, you can decide what colors dominate your desk. You can have them all if you like!

No matter what the strategy is, the core intent remains the same – creating a work space that reflects and celebrates you. A space that you’d be happy to engage with, 8-9 hours a day, regularly.

What else would you add to this list?

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