NAME: Noule Harshitha – Associate Analyst

“Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see.” Edgar Degas

I love making pencil sketches, it has been a hobby for a long time. I want to invest more time practicing it, and eventually excel in it. I thoroughly enjoy creating such pencil work, and whenever I get some free time during this work from home period, I am always curious to surf all kinds of art videos, articles, and all things artistry in Google, Facebook, and Instagram. I love reading and gathering more knowledge about this form of art and translate them on paper through my sketches.

I am glad that I am sharing my work with my colleagues. Thank you for organizing this activity, it has brought everyone together virtually to have some fun, despite the lockdown.



NAME: Vishwanath Balaraddi – Technical Lead

“Leading the nature’s way of life”

I have been dreaming of cultivating an organic farm on my land, for a very long time. During this period of work from home, I ensured that I keep few hours in a week, wherein I can invest time in this very refreshing activity. It’s great to be amidst nature, contribute to nurturing it, knowing that you can impact many lives positively along the way. Sharing a few pictures of my favourite “me time” in the farm!



NAME: Nandamuri Lakshmi – Associate Analyst

 “A sweet tooth’s paradise”

Rava ladoo is a South Indian sweet that is aromatic & tastes delicious, especially for the crunch that comes from the roasted semolina. Rava ladoo is made with semolina, powdered sugar, nuts and ghee. This recipe will yield you one of the most delicious rava ladoos that are quick to cook and serve as a great desert during any festive season. Presenting to you, my favourite “Me time” recipe!



NAME: Sudatta Haldar-Associate Manager
ACCOUNT: Digital Operations

 “Giving fashion a new style and twist”

This weekend, while I was decluttering our wardrobe, I found an old but nice light green linen shirt in my husband’s closet. He had lost some weight; hence the shirt was of no use to him and he almost forgot about it. He happily agreed to donate it to me, and I found my weekend DIY project, lucky me!!!

I always had a thing for linen fabrics, they feel so comfortable during the summers.

I chopped off the collar and the sleeves of the shirt, refashioned it into my shape, made a side slit on both sides and now it’s ready to wear. Then I thought, “Wait! it’s too simple and plain, let’s add some colours to it”. Since the shirt is light green, I plucked some leaves from my garden, and painted dark green leaf prints on it, added some orange dots here and there and voila!!! I got my own linen shirt.



NAME: Priyanta Bag, Senior Software Engineer

 “The flavors of childhood memories”

My favourite me-time has always been cooking. It is a form of art that involves all the senses. I enjoy preparing food and presenting it in a creative way. It also works as a great stress buster for me. During this work from home period, apart from work, I have spent most of my time in cooking. I have tried preparing various new recipes and explored different plating techniques. I have spent my childhood in a village, where I used to see lots of bird’s nest. Nowadays, it has become rare.

So, I have tried to bring my childhood memories through my plate. I hope this brings a smile on your face and takes you to your childhood memories.



Name: Som Chakraborty, Senior Manager-Operations

 “For the love of art”

Painting always brings joy and colour into my life and I don’t want to let go of this hobby. I recently tried doing “Mandala Dot Art” on our emids coffee mug during this work from home period.  Happy to share it with you all. Hope it makes your day, bright like the colours!

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