NAME: Sandeep Gaonkar – Cloud Architect
ACCOUNT: Product Engineering

“Busting stereotypes with the new normal”

This lockdown and the current pandemic situation have pushed us to become more self-dependent and take matters to our own stride when it comes to household chores. During this work from home period, I didn’t shy away from exploring and experimenting with simple recipes. My “me time” revolved around finding a fine mix between passion and responsibility. While I thoroughly enjoy cooking, I had to manage it, while working and attending virtual team meetings. Well I can assure you that my family was pleasantly surprised by my cooking, and I happily took to cleaning the kitchen after the cooking adventure as well! With a lot of pride, I asked my family, “Who said men can’t multitask and handle household chores?”



NAME: Sumana Umapathi – Test Engineer
ACCOUNT: Delivery

“Crafting happiness”

I like doing DIY projects and recycle old material at home, to create something new. During this work from home period, I made beautiful flowers out of copper wire and added different colours to them by using my leftover nail polish, and voila! I have a new piece of décor now!



NAME: Sucharita Swain – Software Engineer
ACCOUNT: Connecture

“Art as a form of self-expression”

I love all forms of art, be it acting, sketching or music. My sketch book is like my journal, where I can put together all my ideas, thoughts and feelings. During this work from home period, I decided to revisit my old love for sketching, and create few of these artworks. I go by the artist name ‘Daisy’, hope you like it!



NAME: Swathi Muppalla – Associate Analyst

“Creating delicious memories”

During this work from home period, I indulged into a lot of baking. Here’s a glimpse of one of my favourite signature chocolate cake that I baked over the weekend!



NAME: Chitra Mahawar – Technical Lead

“Leading a creative way of life”

Life without hobby is like “Food without Salt”. A hobby is something that can give you immense pleasure and joy.

Lock-down has given me an opportunity to catch up on my favourite “me” time and take a dive into my creative side with some “Creative Writing”.

Doing something in a different way gives me immense pleasure.

I have a 4.5-year-old daughter who is now having online classes, due to the current Pandemic situation. Her teacher assigns daily tasks to the parents wherein we need to approach creative ways of teaching our children, so that they can learn easily, and retain information better. Since the kids are so used to speaking English while at school, it has become their first language and they find it difficult to read and write Hindi Varnmala.

I thought, “Why not do this differently!” So, I wrote one poem for her so that she can easily learn Hindi Varnmala. I also wrote Varnmala akshar on an origami paper for Varnmala hunting.



NAME: Lakshmi Chekuri – Senior Analyst

 “Crafting Happiness”

I love doing DIY craft work at home. During this work from home period, I designed a table cover from a piece of cloth that was already available at home. I attached the border and added kundan work to it, to make it look grand. It can be used as a nice piece of home décor and add vibrancy to your home interiors. I am happy to share my work with everyone; hope you like it!

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