NAME: Thejaswini S – Software Engineer
ACCOUNT: Product Engineering

“Drawing is vision on paper”

One of my favourite hobbies is sketching and whenever I get some time off from work, I like to spend time, putting my ideas on paper. During this lockdown period, I tried sketching during the weekends. Sharing some of my work with all of you.



NAME: Parthosarthy Sarkar – Technical Lead
ACCOUNT: Medidata

“The way to a women’s heart is through her stomach”

Work from home can be hectic and stressful. To overcome it, I usually take some time off from work, to pursue some of my hobbies like reading and listening to music. But off late, I decided to try out something which isn’t quite a hobby, and I don’t do it quite often and with good reason – ‘Cooking’. It’s not that I am a bad cook (My wife will tell you otherwise 😉), but the cleaning up of the mess once you are done with it, is what terrified me. But during this lockdown period, I decided to take a chance. Seeing my wife juggle between work, home chores and cooking, I wanted to give her a day off. The process took me through a journey down the memory lane, when I recollected the time that I had stayed in Punjab. It’s delicious cuisines have always been my favourite ever since, and I said, “Why not bring Punjab home?!” I decided to cook an authentic Punjabi style pindi chole. I was a bit nervous to be honest, as to how it would turn up. So, once it was done, I asked my wife to be the critique. She compared it to the chole that her mother made– and there it was! My Victory Moment! We enjoyed relishing it together and all the efforts was worthwhile.



NAME: Gaurav Srivastava – Senior Project Manager

 “Discovering cycling as a hobby & a great work out”

Cycling as we know it, is a hobby for many people. However, it is one of the most versatile activities that can become a daily habit. Apart from maintaining good health, and helping the environment by reducing pollution, cycling has a lot of benefits that will make you fall in love with it!

Since I live in the outskirts of Bengaluru, I am surrounded with some of the most scenic routes to choose from. It makes the ride interesting, as I explore villages around the area.

Most beginners can try moderate cycling speeds, riding for around 30 minutes daily. Then, you can slowly try to increase the time to 45 minutes. This will help you gradually build stamina. This workout will also strengthen the muscles, that will help you maintain balance on the cycle.

How do I start practicing cycling as a hobby?

Follow these steps to prepare yourself, build your legs, and get your lungs pumping:

  1. Start easy. Don’t try to do too much right away
  2. Ride several days a week
  3. Choose your routes wisely
  4. Recovery is as important as riding. For example, stop paddling on a downhill terrain.
  5. In the initial days, try to cycle on alternate days but maintain continuity
  6. Be a part of any rider’s community with shared interest in cycling
  7. Keep a track of your progress

Here wishing a fit and healthy life to everyone!



NAME: Ayyappan Kaliyamoorthi – Senior Analyst – UXP
ACCOUNT: Greenway

 “In a world where you can be anything, be KIND”

The motto that drives me through life is inspired from the quotes of couplet 227 which says:

“Whose soul delights with hungry men to share his meal,
The hand of hunger’s sickness sore shall never feel”.

Meaning: The fiery disease of hunger shall never touch him who habitually distributes his food to others.

I have learnt a lot, just by observing birds. One of the significant lessons is that of survival and sharing, which I believe are some of the most important things in life. This quarantine period has turned out to be a memorable period of my life due to this sweet meet incident, which I want to share with you.

I usually start my morning a little late; while I was talking a stroll in my balcony one morning, I noticed a few hungry pigeons searching for food. The pigeons made a sweet sound which was so unique to me, and it echoed in the silence of the morning and made it more soothing. I started feeding the pigeons every day and noticed more and more pigeons joining the breakfast party! My favorite “me time” now is spending time with my newfound friends from the neighborhood. It’s a great way to de-stress during this work from home period.

A request to everyone reading this: I found an injured pigeon in the group. I rushed to its rescue and treated it with some homemade remedy, made from turmeric. It’s my humble request to everyone to help any animal that may be injured or hungry.



NAME: Roma Ahire – Software Engineer
ACCOUNT: Cotiviti

“Translating life through art”

For me, art is therapeutic. I find a deep sense of peace in it, and I like to express myself through my sketches, drawings, colours, pencils and a white paper. I put all my thoughts and ideas on a paper to make something creative. Colours for me is a finishing touch to my soul. So, during this lockdown period, while I was working from home, I tried to fill my life with colours through my sketches. Doing this gives me a deep source of happiness. The whole experience is very meditative and rejuvenating, while being a great way to unwind at the same time.



NAME: Neha Kumari – Senior Software Engineer
ACCOUNT: Greenway

“Love is a four-legged word”

During this lockdown period, I tried all sorts of things like drawing, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts etc, but nothing gave me so much happiness than getting a furry friend home. It’s been only two months now with “Simba” and he is already a part of the family, and the apple of my eye. He is the most adorable and should say, the smartest puppy in the world. With him around, time flies in the blink of an eye.

Simba for me is love and joy now!

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