NAME: Somnath Banerjee – Senior Business Analyst
ACCOUNT: Waystar

The power of self-transformation

It all started when I got a health check-up done and saw that the results weren’t looking good. It was high time that I addressed it. I started this journey on May 22nd and at the end of 6.5 months, I ended up losing 32 kgs. I followed a strict intermittent fasting diet along with some basic exercises and a 30-minute walk.

I also realized the importance of mental health and pushed myself to start meditation which helped me get over my fears and anxieties. Meditation and exercise have become regular habits now.

I’d love to help anyone from emids who is looking for any fitness guidelines and basic meditation techniques, using which I have achieved numerous mental and physical health benefits.


NAME: Sumana Umapathi, Test Engineer
ACCOUNT: Delivery

Celebrating hope

Diwali is a symbol of hope for humankind.

We have all been through a tough year, and so this Diwali, I prayed for universal compassion, inner joy, peace, love and the awareness of unity to all.

Although we were indoors owning to the lockdown, I ensured I celebrated the festival in full spirit by arranging a small Puja at home. I enjoyed quality time with my family.


NAME: Priyadarshini, Senior Business Analyst

Art for a cause

I’ve always been fascinated with diyas (oil lamps, tea light candles). Colours and lights make me happy. I thought, why not make the most out of the quarantine time. So I picked up this art form and thoroughly enjoyed making each one of it!

I visited an orphanage on my birthday recently, and this thought came to my mind- “Instead of sharing food, why don’t I gift some diyas instead”!

I started working towards it on weekends and posted my work on social media. My friends started enquiring and agreed to contribute towards the cause. That’s when it struck me that instead of donating all of them, I can also raise some funds by selling some. I am extremely pleased to share that I could sell most of my diyas and I was able to raise a decent amount.

The process of making a diya requires a lot of patience and while I was thoroughly enjoying making them, it also helped me reduce my stress a great deal. You should try it too! It’s fun 🙂


NAME: Priyanka Jambhale, Business Analyst

Craft in Art Therapy

Working on DIY projects has always been my favourite “me time” activity. Whenever time permits, I indulge in crafting something new. Initially, I used to do it only for fun, since it would always lift my mood up and give me a ‘feel good’ feeling to turn a piece of scrap into art.

It is only when I did it repetitively is when I realized that along with having fun, it is also therapy for the mind. It has the power to engage you so fully, that it brings you into the present moment. For me, art and craft is a great tool to relax my mind.

Of course, everyone’s definition of a hobby is different, but I found mine in art. It soothes my mind and makes me happy.


NAME: Nagarjuna Vangaveti, Consultant


Chess is my favourite game, but recently, I couldn’t make time for it. During this lockdown period, my kid wanted to learn how to play chess. He made me revisit the fond memories from 2010 when I used to play it. Thanks to him, I decided to refresh my mind and start playing again. My kid is a quick learner and I am proud of it. In no time, he started to defeat me. For the first time, I enjoyed losing in a game. Hearing my son exclaim “checkmate”, is the highlight of my work from home period!

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